Our Approach

Balinese culture recognizes a philosophy called Tri Hita Karana, or “Three Causes of Goodness,” which calls for people to live in harmony with community, with nature, and with the spirits.

Adopting this model for our programs, we believe that in order to build successful social enterprises we need to train around three interconnected areas of exploration: knowledge of issues, business skill-building and personal development. All three are vital components to making a sustainable impact on our communities.

Knowledge on social and environmental challenges.

Comprehensive understanding on the social and environmental challenges faced by communities ensures and helps changemakers in designing innovative solutions which are focused, effective, and sustainable.

Business Acumen

Business skills to ensure the sustainability of the social enterprise as an independent business, includes the knowledge of:

  • market needs identification
  • human-centered product and service design
  • sales and marketing
  • supply chain management
  • impact strategy, measurement, and monitoring
  • financial modeling
  • legal knowledge
  • fundraising strategy
  • strategic network and partnership
  • and more!

Personal and Leadership Development

Better leaders run better businesses. Therefore, the Makadaya program also provides personal and leadership development, which includes:

  • empathy: connecting with others
  • starting with WHY
  • innovation: creativity and finding opportunity
  • collaboration: how to build teams, trust and collective action
  • and more!